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Perth WA

Perth, the most isolated city in Australia, and you feel it! I spent 7 months here trying to figure out that ‘Australian dream’ that never happened.

Starting as a mining boom town for the west coast it is the capital of Western Australia and a massive sprawling suburban spill of a place. It once took us 2 and a half hours to drive from South to North Perth and that’s without the traffic!

I personally didn’t fall in love with Perth, despite the nice beaches and chilled out vibe this pretty city felt snobby and full of itself. But in 7 months we at least figured out a few things and got to live a bit more local, discovering a few hidden gems.

An alternative overview of Perth

Best place on a rainy day – Bounce, a warehouse full of trampolines or Perth mint, but more Bounce.

Best place to eatThe Little Bird Cafe in Northbridge, every dish and drink there is delicious, and really we almost tried them all! Kum Leng Chinese Restaurant in Alexander Heights – the best Chinese take away in Perth! For the view go to the free Indian Restaurant on the jetty at sunset. The food is spicy, but tasty. It is eat as much as you want for free, but don’t forget to leave a tip! Don’t be like my nasty frech housemate who would take a ton of food and not eat it all.

Best beaches – Cottesloe, even though it is always busy, the lagoon is just gorgeous. In Scarborough, the water is lovely and calls you to swim in it. I;m sure the water here is slightly warmer than the others. North Fremantle has a calm and quiet atmosphere, I would always go there if I needed some peace and to escape the city. However, careful for Dr Freo after 3pm, it mixes up a nasty sandstorm.

Best wifi? Hahahahah! Digital nomads go back to Thailand you won’t find good wifi here. The free Perth wifi is iffy at best and half of the hostels still make you pay for dial up speeds. Deck cafe has speeds of around 5mbps plus great chai lattes and bargain yummy Chicken Caesar wraps. The Italian place in the square.

Favourite place in Perth – Rottnest Island, or ‘Rotto’ as the locals call it is my number one place, I loved it! But it’s not exactly in Perth, so, I’ll go with the Kings Park War Memorial. The view of the sun setting over the skyscrapers and river never gets old.

Best place to spot rich people on yachts – Hillarys boat harbour.

Surprising Find – Pinnaroo Cemetery. Yes, sounds a bit strange to recommend visiting a cemetery, but this one is worth it, and isn’t one of those creepy old spooky ones. This is the best place If you want see wild kangaroos up close! Better than Caversham Wildlife Park more like(caver-scam) where they look like they’ve been drugged. Although you’re unlikely to get a selfie with the ones here, they are truly wild and will either run away if you get within a metre of them or kick you.

Best place to go if you feel homesick – If you are British go to Joondaloop shopping centre. It’s like little Britain and feels completely different to the other shopping centres.

Worst experience in Perth – Jobs; finding them, doing them, not getting paid. The economy here sucks. Getting stopped by the police for having a ‘dirty headlight’ was also a pretty awful experience and any gumtree altercation usually sucks. Oh and of course living with the worst housemate EVER. And being ripped off by Automasters. Locals yelling abuse at us on the bus back from Inaloo. So there were a few bad experiences, but it happens.

Highlights watching movies under the stars curled up in a beanbag at the moonlight Cinema. Camping at Rottness with Quokkas joining us at the table. So many kings park blazing orange sunsets. Penguin islands eating our sandwiches ontop of a rock knowing there was a baby penguin malting it’s feathers underneath. Ubercopter. Whenever watermelon was on sale for 99c a kilo at woolworths. The $1 chocolates always available at woolworths/coleS. Churros.

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