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Because the purpose of being in Perth was to save money in order to travel up the West Coast later, most days saw pasta or steak cooked in the hostel/shared flat kitchen. This worked out pretty cheap between two, with pasta and a sauce for as little as $2 in Coles! But sometimes/quite often we just wanted to treat ourselves [read: were too lazy to cook] and did manage to sample quite a few of Perths eateries in the 7 months we spent there, both in the CBD, Fremantle, and outer suburbs. Considering it’s the captial city of WA, there isn’t a huge choice, especially for the budget conscious, but you won’t starve. Here is a small roundup of my favourite places to eat in Perth and also the places I wouldn’t return to!

My fave Perth eating spots…

Little Bird Café – Northbridge
Everything I ate here was tasty and filling, and I ate here a lot! My go-to place for breakfast on the weekend with a big selection of fresh and healthy dishes and yummmmmmy DAIRY FREE smoothies. My faves were the Buckwheat Pancakes (again dairy free) that came with fresh fruit, cashew nut creme and maple syrup, delicious and they left me feeling full all day. The eggs benedict is also worth a taste and any of their wraps.
If on a budget you couldn’t eat here everyday, it’s not a cheap eat, but The Little Bird is great for that healthy boost you sometimes need and has a great relaxed vibe to it right in the middle of crazy Northbridge. It’s located opposite Dominos and really couldn’t get more opposite foodwise. I still miss the Little Bird Cafe and wish there was one in every place I visit!

The Mexican Kitchen – Fremantle
Again another place we frequented way more than once, the Mexican food here made me want to go to Mexico! You get a huge portion of everything, even the normal sized nachos are massive. My first taste were the man-nachos, an absolute mountain filled to the brim with meat and cheese and all the good stuff, I was full, and the nacho mountain was still a mountain I barely made a dent. Really tasty and if you get there on certain days for the specials (check for them on their website here), it can work out as a cheap dinner if you have a friend or two to share with. There aren’t open all day, just lunch and dinner and can get jam-packed busy so get there early to secure the tastiest Mexican food in Perth. Yum Yum.

Annalakshmi Indian Restaurant – Perth CBD
Whenever you hear anyone talking about the ‘free Indian restaurant in Perth’ this is it. Annalakshmi Indian restaurant is all sorts of wonderful. From the incredible views across the Swan River of the sun setting behind Kings Park to the tasty eat as much as you like food and Indian banjo music playing in the background. The food is totally free, but if you aren’t a total dickhead (like my french housemate was), you will take only what you can realistically eat keeping waste to a minimum and also pay a donation to the restaurant when you finish. Even $5 would do it, depending on how much you ate. The buffet food, usually curry and rice, is spiiiicy but delicious and there is even drink as much as you like orange juice. Only open for lunch and dinner, I’ve never seen them run out of food however the line for the buffet can get very long.

Kum Leng Chinese Restaurant – Alexander Heights
A gem of a find whilst we lived in suburbia. If you are British and missing Chinese food this is where you need to go! The food here tastes just like the Chinese back in the UK (nothing like the Chinese food in China though). From the Chow Mien to the Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls, it all tastes amazing! For those not from the UK, the food still got the nod of approval from the German who agreed it was tasty stuff. The portion sizes are pretty decent, we were eating Chinese for breakfast whenever we’d ordered dinner from here. They are out in the middle of suburbia so not easy to get to but do provide a takeaway option to certain areas.

The Monk Brewery & Kitchen – Fremantle
The ‘other’ micro brewery in Fremantle, looks like a pub but they also do great food! Even though the portion sizes were slightly stingy, the flavour of the freshly made seafood risotto made up for it. Washed down with some mango beer and good atmosphere made for a great meal time experience.

Deck Cafe – Perth CBD
Quietly stood at the foot of one of Perths tallest buildings, the Central Park Rio Tinto Building, this tiny cafe makes some of the best Chai Lattes and wraps ever! I got a loyalty card for this place as I frequented so often. Healthy smoothies, cakes and hot food such as pizza and steak are also on the menu but I mainly stuck with the chicken caesar or lamb wrap which is full to bursting with fresh ingredients and a soy chai latte which made each day taste like Christmas. They have free wifi, and usually it is fast.

Grilld – Fremantle
Decent and tasty burgers for the budget conscious. Grillds speciality is big juicy burgers and they don’t disappoint, with a variety to choose from I was always full even after the smallest one. The sweet potato fries are perfect plus there is a Telstra Air wifi hotspot nearby, free wifi anywhere is always a winner for me. But seriously the burgers are also great!

Ben and Jerrys – CBD/Fremantle
Free samples and the amazing smell of fresh waffle cone lured me in, delicious and varied ice cream flavours got me addicted. Early on I convinced myself that buying two flavours was better value than one so always had an overflowing cone of deliciousness, no regrets, I loved every bite. Forget Cold Rock or the posh gelato places on the cappuccino strip, I tried most of them, but Ben And Jerrys are still the tastiest ice cream in Perth.

The Sandbar – Scarborough Beach
Awesome burgers, awesome milkshakes, great view of the sea.

Food court in Hay Street Mall – Perth CBD
Cheap eats here, lots of Asian buffet style food, can be hit and miss but generally ok.

Toastface Grillah
Hidden down a graffitied alleyway, the very hipster Toastface Grillah has a great atmosphere, average slightly overpriced toasties, and fast wifi. Try it at least once just for the vibe.

Sushi Happy Hour
In a couple of hole in the wall style sushi shops in the city centre, sushi is ahlf price between 4pm and closing. The sushi is great and when it’t half price it is somehow tastier!

I’m not a foodie but I wasn’t impressed with these places..


Perth Ribs and Burgers – read my own TripAdvisor review

Dirty Nellys – supposed to be a good Sunday roast, nope!

Little Creatures, can’t talk about Fremantle or Perth without mentioning this hipster goliath of a tourist trap. – not that the food here isn’t good, it’s actually delicious but so so overpriced! A friend ordered Choritzo at $ a plate, he received 6 tiny and I mean the size of a 20cent coin tiny! slices of thinly chopped meat. Couldn’t even call it an appetizer. Props to the beer though which is how this micro-brewery achieved it’s hipster fame, Philipp is in love with the Rodgers dark beer, and coming from a German that means a lot. I tried the cider and it tasted like dry crepe paper.

Sandrino in Fremantle

Dominos, Hungry Jacks (Burger King) and Subway and Coffee Club were always there. If you are hungry in Perth I hope this has helped you find some decent food! If not, Coles and Woolies are open until 9pm, well usually, unless they feel like closing early or its a weekend.

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