Where it all began..

Nope I didn’t leave my ‘high-flying city rat-race’ job to travel and become one with the world, in fact, I’ve never even had a high flying job! I did secretly always want to give it a try and wear a suit to work, but never got the chance, i guess it’s just not me. So I began my travel adventures simply because I just wanted an alternative place to live my days instead of miserable grey London, it was my thinking that there must be something more out there than just. this.

November 2009 my journey began. I had been saving to see the world since I was 15 and managed to start earning my own money working in a supermarket. My list of places to see had also been building since then. I was now 23 and ready to finally pursue my dream.

Plenty of travel blogs will tell you follow you dreams, leave your job, see the world, blah blah blah. Absolutely do these things! BUT, don’t think that it is that easy. I had to work and scrimp and save for many years before my first trip, and had to work while abroad (cheers Australia for the working holiday visa!).

Here is a list of the countries I have visited since 2009 in the order of which I visited them:

United States



South Africa






New Zealand







Argentina (kindof)

Chile (kindof)

Germany (ish)

and then back to Thailand and Australia (cos I love them!).

I didn’t visit all of these countries in one go, for various reasons (sometimes money, sometimes family) I had to go back home to England.

So why am I starting this blog now? Now i’ve already been to these places and some of them not even that recently.

Currently I am in Australia. In Perth to be more specific. I am 30 years old (holy shit!), and realise I would like something to look back on when im old and my brain and memories are a bit fuzzy.

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