Canggu Echo Beach Bali

Canggu pronounced Chang-oo

Bali is all about Eat, Pray, Love, but in Canggu it’s not in the Julia Roberts find yourself way. You’re eating because there are just so many cafes and there is not much else to do, you’re praying that the internet works and doesn’t cut out and you’re loving the sunsets on Echo Beach and how the sand glitters.

Echo Beach
Buy a wine bottle sized Bintang, get a beanbag (and free little pack of peanutsO and enjoy the sunset on one of the most uniquely beautiful beaches I have ever seen where the ebony black sand looks like its made of glitter. Echo Beach at sunset seems to be the beach of a thousand time lapse gro-pros but despite being full to the brim of posing Instagrammers is very special.

Canggu Town
Indonesians just shouting hello in your face, tons of construction and development happening, so so many feral dogs snooping around but also a chilled coconut on each corner.

Money exchange is better rate than at the airport.

Feels like things are built with the design to be instagrammable.

The construction is insane, a whole pavement system was put in place in the 10 days we were there, and a rice paddy ripped out of the ground.

Shady shack – great wifi- saw girls having a ‘photoshoot’ with 2 salads and a coconuts
Betel nut – 2 great shakes other wise overrated
Chicken satay man – not bad
Nasi Goreng cart – great!
Roti canai – average
Warung Dido – fantastic! Perfectly priced juices, 15000 for papaya, banana, pineapple etc
Corn seller at sunset at perenian – yummy!

Some places didn’t bother cos looked to expensive – avocado

Old mans for drinking – sangria is cheap and cocktails not as expensive

Dimsum place was the actual worst!

Monsuir spoon all shit aprt from
The massive pie cake

Rates on:

The monolith Deus is incredibly popular for a reason I couldn;t figure out. It was over priced, snobby and the food was nothing special.

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