Wadi Rum | Jordans best kept secret

Wadi = dried up river bed Rum = sweet alcoholic spirit that reminds me of a beach / Arabic meaning ‘wonderful’ Wadi Rum = Jordans best-kept secret, the locals know […]

A weekend in Northern Israel

‘The North’ or ‘Ha Safon’ as the locals call it is made up a few distinct and varying regions, This mountainous and rocky part of the country begins at the […]

Perth city

Perth WA

Perth, the most isolated city in Australia, and you feel it! I spent 7 months here trying to figure out that ‘Australian dream’ that never happened. Starting as a mining […]

About Me

I took my first airplane flight alone when I was 5 years old, a 5 hour flight. It was much to my mums dismay, but my parents lived in separate […]

Singapore Marina Bay


What was once an equatorial tropical jungle is now a hot, humid urban jungle. Some of the amazing hundred-year-old trees still remain, lining the clean, litter free kerbs of the […]

Canggu Echo Beach Bali

Canggu pronounced Chang-oo

Bali is all about Eat, Pray, Love, but in Canggu it’s not in the Julia Roberts find yourself way. You’re eating because there are just so many cafes and there […]

Construction Work Australia

So you have arrived to Australia all bright eyes and enthusiastic and looking for work, you have a university degree and tons of experience and make an excellent worker, well […]

Finding a job in Australia

When I arrived to Australia‚Äôs west coast in September 2015, my wallet and I were full of hope to make some money in order to save up to fund some […]

Darwin Food Guide

It may not be as varied as Melbourne or Sydney but Darwin still has it’s fair share of decent eateries. Aside from the ‘high end’ restaurant places where you can […]

Perth restaurant reviews

Perth Food Guide

Because the purpose of being in Perth was to save money in order to travel up the West Coast later, most days saw pasta or steak cooked in the hostel/shared […]